Scorpio Natural Stones

Scorpio Stones

Do you want to strengthen the Scorpio traits, or are your controlling features too involved in your life? Stones for Scorpio can help!

For the birthstone of Scorpio, born between October 23 and November 21, we can talk about stones with different healing properties and qualities. This 8th sign of the zodiac sun is independent, passionate, intelligent, and an ideal leader. They also tend to make great companions as they are friendly and loyal.

Scorpio Stones

Like every zodiac sign, Scorpio also has points of difficulty. And Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars. Pluto represents regeneration, psychic energies, and intuition, while Mars represents self-mastery and control. This combination provides the fiery passion of a Scorpio, but it can sometimes cause internal conflicts and contradictions.

The Scorpio stones in this list can be great tools for those who want to reduce the unwanted aspects and increase the positive aspects!

Scorpio Zodiac Characteristics

Date of Birth: October 23- November 21
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars

Born at the end of the harvest season, Scorpio signs are complex, independent, and creative. Sometimes it’s hard to find what makes them happy. And the only thing that can hurt a Scorpio is being emotional. Very sensitive and often jealous, this 8th sign of the Zodiac will succeed no matter what if they truly believe in a goal.

Scorpio Stones

Although they never forgive and forget what has been done, they are just as loyal. And they’re usually not very good at letting things flow.

Having a good sense of humor, Scorpios also have a competitive and leading spirit. Incredibly friendly and loyal, Scorpio can make great friends as long as their energy stays balanced. Scorpio stones can be used to return them to a more harmonious state. They can also strengthen Scorpio’s best qualities and give them the confidence to be themselves.

Scorpio Stones and Features

Scorpio Stones

If you or someone you know is a Scorpio, you may be interested in learning about the natural stones below. Included in the list are some common ones for Scorpio natural stones. They are also stones that enhance the best qualities of Scorpio. Read on to see which stones we chose!

Aquamarine Stones for Scorpio

Aquamarine, the birthstone of Scorpio, means “water of the sea” in Latin. This stone has a gentle, calming nature in times of crisis. A Scorpio’s passionate and fiery temperament can be hostile when provoked.

One of the best throat chakra stones, aquamarine, will help calm an argument and release anger. As a stone of courage, it supports intelligence and gives you the confidence to try something new. If you combine this stone with its mystical powers, you can have excellent healing for your inner strength and fortitude.

Remember that it can fade in sunlight if you choose aquamarine as a Scorpio natural stone bracelet or necklace.

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Sodalite Stones for Scorpio

Considering the characteristics of Scorpio, one should not lose sight of their complex and powerful emotions. This is part of their passionate nature. However, it can be overwhelming at times.

Sodalite supports the energy of scorpions with its calming power and makes them feel centered. Its mind-centered energy stimulates intelligence and silences distracting thoughts. When you feel jealous or have a sense of control, you can use it to reduce your need for analysis and gain a better perspective.

Sodalite is also linked to the Throat Chakra, making it a good choice for enabling you to express your emotions with empathy rather than anger.

When worries distract you, you can meditate with a piece of sodalite in your hand. Doing so will calm your mind and allow you to concentrate.

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Rhodochrosite Stones for Scorpio

As the Scorpio birthstone, rhodochrosite is a beautiful stone associated with success. It supports new beginnings and manifestation.

Like other heart-centered natural stones, rhodochrosite has a wonderful loving vibration. As a stone of Selfless Love and a Compassionate Heart, it aids emotional healing on a deep level. Since Scorpios can be self-critical, they will also teach courage and forgiveness. You can wear it as a necklace to connect with your inner child and heal childhood wounds.

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Malachite Stones for Scorpio

Malachite is a wonderful crystal for the ever-changing energy of Scorpio. As a water sign, scorpions looking for constant action will be protected by malachite on any journey they embark on.

As a stone of transformation, it encourages you to take responsibility for your actions. Scorpios are social people. However, getting hurt emotionally can damage their self-esteem. At such times, you can use the energy of malachite to connect with your intuition and guidance.

Malachite has an intense energy like Scorpios themselves. So if you find it overpowering, be careful!

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Citrine for Scorpio

Complementing the energetic Scorpio zodiac, the positive citrine stone promotes hope, luck, and loyalty as the Scorpio birthstone.

Citrine also vibrates at the frequency of November, giving extra meaning to Scorpio. It radiates a warmth that will dissipate anger and bad thoughts. It will also teach you to value yourself if you are a people pleaser.

Scorpios are determined people and work hard to achieve this. Citrine will provide positive results for Scorpios, whose target includes money.

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Ruby for Scorpio

Passion is essential for a Scorpio. This could be new beginnings, a creative project, or a love for new relationships. The vibrant color of ruby resonates beautifully with this energy and encourages a bold attitude.

Throughout history, ruby has been associated with life-giving energy. It is also linked to the Root Chakra energy, which increases vitality and stimulates kundalini.

Ruby can be used as a Scorpio natural stone necklace or bracelet to ignite the libido of Scorpio, which is a sensual sign to increase fertility and deepen intimacy in love life.

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Tips for Using Scorpio Stones

Scorpio Stones

With their healing effects, natural stones are a nice way to enhance the good aspects of Scorpio and lessen the less desirable elements. The Scorpio natural stones listed above can be used in the following methods.

  • Using natural healing stones while meditating will deepen your practice. These natural stones aligned with Scorpio will improve focus and create a calm mind. While meditating, you can hold the stone in your hand or place it on the chakra.
  • You can keep the stone’s energy in your aura field by wearing a Scorpio natural stone necklace or bracelet. For example, if you want to improve communication, you can wear an aquamarine necklace.
  • Scorpio is associated with the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus, so you can carry a piece of natural stone in your pocket to keep them close to their respective energy center.
  • Scorpios like to surround themselves with beautiful objects. Then you can place natural stones in the spaces in your home. This will help you stay grounded while allowing everyone else in the house.
  • The Tibetan bowl is a beautiful way to introduce the healing frequencies of natural stones. Scorpio resonates with the Solar Plexus frequency.
  • You can strengthen the healing energy by placing a few Scorpio natural stones around your bed.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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